Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Freeman Monument - lots and lots of symbols

I found this marker to be very interesting.  I have never seen one with panels like this.  I have done a bunch of searching and have yet to determine what all the symbols and letters mean. I have listed the ones I have figured out under the panels.  If you have any input about them please let me know.

Located at Maple Park Cemetery in Springfield, MO.

I'm guessing the building stands for the college that have a number of scholarships set up by this family and buildings named after them.

The Shriners symbol is all I could figure out on this panel.

The small banner in the lower corner says Leila Freeman - 48.
The bride and groom is self evident.

I think the church is pretty self evident.

On the front ledge.

On the front ledge.

On the back side.

On the front ledge.

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