Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monumental Bronze Company - White Bronze Catalogue

I have had many people comment to me they wish they could see an old catalogue for the White Bronze/Zinc monuments.  I personally love these markers and have photographed a number of them. So I went in search of a catalogue and I found one! I found it on the Association of Gravestone Studies website. So here it is and I am also adding some of my own photos of the actual monuments I have found listed in this catalogue.

The designs shown in this pamphlet are reproductions of some of our most popular styles in low and medium-priced family monuments.  We have a great many others, also designs of headstones, grave covers, markers, posts, etc., and plenty of higher priced designs.  If you don't find what you want among these designs don't fail to let us know; we can surely please you if we know what is wanted.  In this grade if designs, however, those here shown cover the majority of our orders, even where people inspect our whole line.

PRICES and dimensions are given below.  Order by number only.  Our price on a monument covers all inscriptions desired, all in bold raised letters, also suitable emblems, if wanted (See page 16), all without extra charge. All these designs are made with removable inscription tablets and new inscriptions can be added at any time at very slight expense.  Lettering can be put on all for sides of square monuments, and on the sarcophagus styles on the back as well as front.

Information in regard to our material, testimonials from customers, etc., will be sent you herewith.

Yours for Artistic and Ever-Enduring Memorials,
Bridgeport, Conn. 
Prices and dimensions from left to right.
No. 686 - Base 2 ft x 1ft. Height 2 ft 1 in. - $40
No.  673 - Base 1 ft. 5 ins square. Height 4 ft - $44
No. 709 - Base 1 ft 8 ins square. Height 4 ft 6 ins - $68

No. 634 - Base 1ft 8 1/2 ins square. Height 5 ft - $100
No. 679 - Base 2 ft square. Height 3 ft 10 ins - $80

No. 635 - Base 1 ft 10ins square. Height 3 ft 6 ins - $112

No. 681 - Base 2 ft 2 ins square. Height 5 ft 7 ins - $105

No. 637 - Base 2 ft square. Height 6 ft 4 ins - $130

No. 597 - Base 2 ft 4 in square. Height 6 ft 8 ins - $168

No. 697 - Base 3 ft square. Height 6 ft 2 ins $187

No. 687 - Base 2 ft 5 ins x 1 ft 1 1/2 ins. Height 2 ft 7 in - $58
No. 688 - Base 3 ft x 1 ft 8 ins. Height 3 ft 6 ins - $95

No. 695 - Base 3 ft x 2 ft 3 in. Height 3 ft 10 ins - $130

No. 626 - Base 3 ft 6 ins x 1 ft 6 ins. Height 3 ft - $127

No. 696 - Base 3 ft 9 ins x 2 ft 5 ins. Height 4 ft - $ 160

No. 590 - Base 3 ft 6 ins x 2 ft 7 ins. Height 4 ft - $170

No. 593 - Base 3 ft 10 ins x 2 ft 9 ins. Height  4 ft - $190

No. 619 - Base 3 ft 8 ins x 2 ft 10 ins. Height 4ft 6 ins. - $220

The Doeman Lithographing Co
New Haven, Conn.

Also in my search for this catalogue I cam across this advertising pamphlet and thought I'd share it also.

Monumental Bronze Co.

White Bronze
Are More Enduring
Any Stone
You Can Save Money
By Writing
Designs & Prices

Bridgeport, Conn

By Buying
White Bronze
You Can
Save Money,
Get A More
Artistic Design,
And a More Enduring
Than You Can Get In Any Kind
Of Stone.
For Designs And Prices, Address
The Monumental Bronze Co.
Bridgeport, Conn.


  1. I love that little booklet on AGS. I wonder what the most complete catalog looked like. I have been searching for one with more enblem choices. I've seen some not listed in the one on the AGS site.

    Love that you found a double tablet like illustrated.

  2. Great post Tammi! I like how the names/dates are molded onto the plaque or stone and not engraved. Genealogists find zinc markers easy to read, even after 100 years.

  3. very neat post! i love that material. the old illustrations are so cool.

    i've seen that "manly little man" grave before! it was in a powerpoint presentation in a community education class i took on gravestones. definitely one of the most interesting stones (and ways of dying) i've seen.